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Student Uniform

Parents of Saucedo Students,

We would like all families to adhere to our school uniform policy next year. Wearing a school uniform helps create a positive climate for academic achievement, promotes a sense of community, improves safety and makes the mornings easier because everyone knows what they should wear.
​The following is our uniform policy:

​Grades Kindergarten through Grade 5
  • White collared shirt or blouse
Middle Grades
  • Grade 6 - yellow collared shirt
  • Grade 7 - red collared shirt
  • Grade 8 - blue collared shirt
  • Navy blue pants and navy blue sweaters ONLY
  • Navy blue skirts
  • Solid black shoes and if shoe laces are necessary, laces must be black
  • Belts for pants that require them
  • Hoodies of any kind, cannot be worn in the school building or at recess
  • JEGGINGS, yoga pants, tight exercise pants, OR jeans!
  • Low cut shirt/blouse or tight fitting shirt/blouse or see through clothing
  • Make-up, colored hair or nail polish
  • Standard haircut only for boys, no spikes, mohawks, tails, graphic design shaved onto head
  • All pants must be worn at the waist
Students who are not properly dressed will be required to borrow a uniform from the main office. The office will call the parent to bring the proper uniform while the student wears our rental. Please prepare for our new school year during the summer to ensure your child is ready for school attendance.